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Media relations


Traditionally known as ‘the gatekeepers’, print and online media remain critical channels for promoting your brand story today.  The continued consolidation of media businesses and many print publications facing disruption, makes it harder than ever to cut through.

Mojo Media has unparalleled experience and insight into the way traditional media journalists and publications operate. We know what it’s like to work in modern newsrooms and understand how to craft your messaging into a newsworthy angle.

With the right media strategy, we connect your business with the best possible channels and earning media coverage that makes your brand the envy of the industry. 

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Content creation


Content is the heartbeat of integrated campaigns. It’s the copy that drives conversions from your website, the video fans share from your social media or branded opinion piece featured on the front page of the newspaper. Content is what translates your message effectively across different mediums and platforms.    

At Mojo, we have the perfect blend of former journalists, content specialists and communications pros that combine to generate high-value content that drives action. From media materials, whitepapers and lead generation content to social ad copy and branded publications, we have the expertise needed to get your message to the page.

But we don’t just specialise in the written word. Video is fast becoming the top way to engage with potential customers and partners and we’re focused on making video production simpler and more cost effective than ever. 

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Influencer marketing


Traditional media including TV, radio, newspapers and magazines used to be the only real way for brands to reach a mass audience. Now, online influencers have opened up doors for brands to reach their target audiences in ways that are more personalised, cost-effective and compelling than ever before. 

Which influencers are already talking about your brand? If you don’t know, you can’t make the most of the opportunity or identify other influencers who can dramatically expand your reach and grow your business. 

We work with trusted influencers to develop campaigns that promote your brand with authenticity and results in mind. Our influencer identification and outreach programs ensure you are working with talent that will enhance your social and digital strategy, increase your brand recognition and support your wider business goals. 

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Social media / digital strategy


When it comes to marketing to today’s consumers, the phrase, ‘If you build it, they will come’ simply doesn’t apply. It’s not enough to build a great-looking website or launch a new social media channel. 

You need a strategy that ensures you are effectively communicating your value, speaking to the right audience at the right time and on the right channel. The problem is that it can be confusing for brands to understand exactly what they need to do and how it all comes together to support their business growth, without wasting valuable time and money. 

At Mojo, we work to demystify the process and help your online presence flourish. With the right digital strategy, you can automate time-consuming processes, connect with customers in meaningful ways and track what’s working best for your business.    

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Personal brand building


Today’s consumers want to understand the people behind the brand. They want to learn what makes business leaders tick, how the latest news and events might impact your business, whether your personal values align to theirs and how they can replicate your success. 

Your brand story extends further than ever before, creating new risks and opportunities to engage with potential customers and partners. That’s why it’s critical to ensure your personal brand is on point. 

We help business leaders clarify and communicate their personal journey within the context of your broader business goals. Whether it’s telling your story in a way that engages, developing bespoke content to grow your business influence or simply shaping up your LinkedIn profile, we have solutions to take your personal brand to the next level.  

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Photography and Videography


In a society that highly values visual aesthetics, presenting yourself and your business in the right light is essential. 

Whether you need a video for social or your website or are after an event photographer, the team at Mojo can help.

As a team of creatives, we are well versed in vivid storytelling. Our team knows how to best captivate an audience with a single image and keep viewers intrigued through exciting videography. 

If this is what you need, the team at Mojo can provide you with all the tools and services to convey the heart of your business and its people to the right audience!

Issues management


Informed, nuanced, timely – how you communicate is critical, especially when things don’t go according to plan. Every business faces a crisis at one point or another. The only difference is how well they handle it and whether the event leaves a lasting negative impact on the brand. 

With the fast pace of marketing and communications today, a message can quickly spiral out of control. That’s why it is more important than ever to have a calm, experienced team on your side.   

At Mojo, we have dealt with anything and everything. We help our clients effectively mitigate and regain control over issues and disputes, providing superb reputation management when it matters most. 

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Experiential campaigns


Inspiring your customers to engage and act is the ultimate goal for brands, especially in today’s crowded marketing landscape. That’s why more and more brands are turning to experiences. With a branded experience, you create opportunities to interact with your customers, gain insightful feedback in real-time and promote greater awareness and loyalty.

 Whether you want to launch a new product or service to market, drum up momentum for a product that’s flown under the radar, or take your brand community from online to offline, Mojo has the expert team needed to make it happen.

From large-scale events to live consumer activations, if you want to get people talking and sharing, look no further than Mojo’s experiential team. 


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Media training


It’s your time to shine. You’ve done the hard yards and scored a top tier media interview. But what happens when the reporter asks something unexpected? Are you prepared to handle the tough questions? Are you sure you’ll be able to stay on message once the cameras are live?

Every interview is unique. Whether you’re on the phone or live on set, perfecting your media techniques require practice. Even those who are lucky enough to be a ‘natural’ at interviewing do better when they know exactly what to expect during an interview or presentation.  

If you want to communicate in a way that gets heads nodding in agreement, media training from Mojo is the way to go. We provide expert coaching in media communications, presentation and public speaking so you’re always ready for your big break.  

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Press tours


Hit the road and start shaking hands and building face-to-face relationships that will make a difference for your business. Press tours remain an effective way to quickly spread the word about new businesses, products and services or drum up media excitement for busy or out-of-town executives, leaders and celebrities. But they also require a lot of planning and coordination.

Let Mojo handle all of the details, from defining the media strategy, identifying and reaching out to relevant press targets and fine-tuning your messaging to scheduling, media training and on-the-day support.

We’ll ensure your next round of press meetings is a breeze. 

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“Every brand and business feels passionate about what they do but it’s how, when and why messages are communicated to the market which can make the difference between success and failure. Mojo Media are masters of navigating through this and understanding the complexity of how best to communicate with an audience and build key industry relationships through their superb contacts.“

Karen Lawson Executive leader, entrepreneur and CEO

“I don’t consider Mojo Media to be a PR agency I use - I consider them to be part of my internal PR team. Since bringing on Mojo, we have gotten an incredible increase in press coverage and recognition of Blackmagic Design, in particular within the business communities. It is because they are creative and do not just wait for things to happen. A good PR agency gets expected press coverage, while a great PR agency like Mojo is constantly getting me opportunities from every possible angle.“

Blackmagic Design Terry Frechette, Director at Blackmagic Design

“When we launched into the Australian market - they were our secret weapon. Without a doubt, they are the leaders in media relations expertise in this country. When it comes to understanding the news cycle and what will make a compelling story, the team is the best in the business. If you want to stand out from the white noise and make a real impact, you just need to use them. It’s as simple as that.“

goCatch Andrew Campbell, Founder and CEO at goCatch

“The team at Mojo Media has helped us repeatedly get press coverage, including in outstanding publications such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian, and more importantly in industry-targeted publications that have helped us become a thought leader for telehealth in Australia. Natascha and Kris are amazing to work with and really encourage the placement of Coviu anywhere they see fit. Over the last 12 months we've been able to develop and place a press release almost every month.“

Coviu Dr Silvia Pfeiffer, CEO at Coviu

mPort is a growing brand and we were keen to partner with the right PR firm to ensure we could spread the word about mPort throughout Australia and beyond. Having worked with a couple of PR firms previously, we were wary of dipping our toes in again. However Mojo Media, came highly recommended from another start up and we decided to go ahead and try them. So far we've been pleased with the outcomes with Mojo having secured us high profile national pieces at the Courier Mail and Daily Telegraph. Most importantly, we've found the team to be easy to work with and committed to delivering an outstanding mPort PR experience. We're happy to recommend them to any business considering working with them.“

mPort Dipra Ray, CEO at mPort

“As a company founder, I have worked with many service providers, especially during mission critical phases, and the team at Mojo Media is all class. The results they have achieved for Ninox over many media campaigns have been outstanding. They’re trustworthy, reliable, professional and above all, great to work with.“

Ninox Robotics Marcus Ehrlich, CEO at Ninox Robotics

“If it weren’t for Mojo Media, ACA NSW wouldn’t be front-page news twice in one year for all the right reasons! Thanks to the guys at Mojo, our public messages have received maximum cut-through like never before notwithstanding the 24-hour national news cycle! Mojo Media has made me busier and more effective than ever before when engaging with the media!“

Australian Childcare Alliance of NSW Chiang Lim, CEO at ACA NSW

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