What’s Your Mojo TV interview with Success and Mindset Coach, Jacob Galea

What’s Your Mojo is a new digital TV series hosted by former beauty queen, actor and TV presenter, Aprille Lim. 

The show features CEO’s, Founders, Executives, and other high profile business and media personalities about how to build a successful business and offers advice to those embarking on a similar journey.  

What’s Your Mojo aims to help others find their mojo and their own path to success. 

In this episode, What’s Your Mojo host, Aprille Lim, speaks with transformation, mindset and success coach, motivational speaker, author and business mentor, Jacob Galea.

Galea talks to Aprille about the power of the mind, how to manifest the life of your dreams, and the difference between passion and purpose.

Galea is also the founder and CEO of executive leadership firm, GCORP Advisory.

The best selling author of the self-development book, Birth of the Super You, Galea has been featured as an expert in his field in media globally.

Galea first started training people practising martial arts, before attracting international celebrities and sportspeople as clients including American NFL player Dale Moss and Sydney FC player Brandon O’Neill.

Galea’s other clients include Los Angeles real estate agent and star of Million Dollar Listing, Josh Altman, Big Brother host and actor Mike Goldman, Gold Coast radio host Bianca Dye and founder and CEO of RamCity, Rod Bland.

Watch the interview below.

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